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Wednesday, November 24, 2010


was having exam. not much here to update and reply chatbox. forgive me, will u? :)
after three days theory exam, the suffering final.. i was here! final not over yet.. but the last paper will be at saturday. so, its time to update blog and relax, for today. :D yeap.. have to start studying tmr. i dont wanna stay overnight to study. its really killing me. :S didnt sleep well this few days. sleep at 4am or after everynight.. and wake up at 6am. OMG. i think im gonna fail entrepreneurship. :( didnt score well in midterm, screwed presentation, and i think i cant get 18 marks in final to pass the paper. i need 18 marks! sighhh. cant do anything besides waiting my luck to come. :( other paper was okay i think. today's cost control really unexpected.. easy. lecturer always give us super hard test. but final was okay. wrote alot in part B, the essay part. :D but calculation.. im so careless. ish. hope i can get at least C.. so i cant continue higher diploma or degree? :)


the club cant handle us. :D

this was suppose to post on last friday. :D

went mos last thursday night after pastry redo practical exam. :P actually we planned to go opera. but the ppl there all look so calm. so we walked to mos. LOL. not much ppl, like seriously. mayb because its a raining day? or mayb i always go club during festival? :D anyway, was there with yyan with bf kelvin, darius, david and gf jessie. :)

yyanniiee and i. white and red. :D
yyanniiee and kelvin. <3
with darius. partner and driver of the day. :D
now only realize david's tee.. clubber! :D
had fun! got a lil tipsy. all of us. :D


Sunday, November 14, 2010

combo. :D

Monday 081110
coll early morning to get prepare for entrepreneurship presentation. well, we screwed up. got only 18 out of 50. which is the lowest in the class i think. argh. damn angry! :(

Tuesday 091110
ice craving second and the last class.
what are we going to do with this big block of ice?
cut it into half first.
shape it! tadaa~ see anything?
final product! leaf! :D as usual, take photo before anything happen.
half as the base and half as the top. its super heavy.. it will just drop easily anytime. :S
the failed when into the drain.
while the success place to melt itself. :) the left one was ours!
Wednesday 101110
was daddy darius' 21st! headed to taman megah ming tien after french class with the gang. a lil surprise celebration for him.
daddy's head was blur. :D it begun..
cream fight like no others there. from ming tien to the car.. LOL. video on my facebook.. check it out. :P

then, when pyramid with mummy to have lunch. planned to watch unstoppable. but the time was abit late. so, we did a lil shopping. :)
pasta at asia avenue. LOL.
Thursday 111110
practical exam for international cuisine and pastry.
our product, vietnam cuisine. lecturer not really like it.. but anyhow, passed. :)
pastry exam after that. whole group redo.. we seriously dunno why. cause we're the last group? ish. have to redo next thursday. arghhh! nervous! if cant success then i have to retake the subject again. OMG. i did the same things as i did during practice.. but different lecturer say different thing. arghhh. dunno how. i guess i need to find lecturer to understand all. :( sad.

Friday 121110
pyramid again to have lunch and buy ingredients for practicing. have to practice real much on my cheesecake. i dont wanna fail! :(
loving my new red flats and my purple owl ring. <3
nom nom nom.. yummyyy~ :)

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

ice craving, fun! :D

its cad ice craving first lesson. so excited can. :D but the weather was damn hot on that day. and.. we crave under the hot sun! omg.. sweat like hell. :S mr.hamirudin combine group A and C today.. because the ice cant wait. LOL.

ice moving down! LOL.
mr.hamirudin's super shape tools. :S
ice start melting like few second after it came down from lorry. damn hot!
the group member working hard while im taking photos. :D
lecturer demo-ing. he's cool!
our ice swan. :D the base broke.. and melted abit.
faster take photo before it melt! :P
group A and C's ice swan! nice right? the effect under the sun was good.


Friday, October 29, 2010


movie week. :D watched three movie in a week. its alot for me in one month. hmm.. normally one movie in one month? LOL. if im not wrong.

first, YouAgain with audrey last saturday! funny movie.. and, mean! :D brought her my handmade cheesecake and a little catch up with her. :)
second, Red with mummy on monday. she wanna watch this because of BruceWillis. LOL. four damn cool ppl in the movie. :D
lastly, Hachiko today with mummy after class at oneutama. i guess this movie only show on oneutama or mayb gsc cinema. :) mummy wanna watch this because of RichardGere, and im because of the doggy. LOL! Hachiko is a must watch can. my tears drop in the cinema. so touching. :(

Thursday, October 28, 2010

weekly peaky.. wtf. :D

Monday 25102010
no more cost control class, no more entrepreneurship studies, no more pdp and french class was cancelled. where to go? movie with mummy at pyramid! watched RED. :)
i look so "hiao" in this photo. :D and.. mummy at the back.
had lunch at fong lye. yummm~
Tuesday 26102010
was late to coll for like 15min. when i step into the class, the class ended! ish. so early! :S have almost 5hours break before the next class. have lunch with the gang, chit chat for more than 1hour.. we got nth to do! when library after that.. planned to do assignment and some research, but we fall asleep. :D
cad class, swan sculpture in process. :)
Wednesday 27102010
headed to klang for bak kut teh right after french class. purposely there for it from damansara. we're insane. LOL. klang's bak kut teh really nice! :P when kaiwon's hse after that to visit her dogs. then, yyan's hse to play with her dogs. :D so cuteee~
failed group photo. darius, kaiwon, amanda, yyan and i.
yyanniieee behind. :D
our daddy, darius!
back to coll at 1pm to continue our swan. play with the cute lil fish coloured by kaiwon. :D
done! :D abit weird mayb?
left french class now, final start next week. ohh nooo~ gonna stress like hell. study hard and smart! :)


Friday, October 22, 2010

arcade, again. :D

headed to pyramid after cost control class with yyan, kaiwon, darius, kuanhan, david, amanda and jesclyn. why there? because.. we wanna go arcade! :D damn fun playing with them.. but ofcoz my pocket have a big hole. :S
in kuanhan's.. take one, failed.
take two! yea.. nice. :D
darius and kuanhan. :D cant join in our photo.
after arcade, toilet break! LOL. photos again.
normal shoot.
funny shoot. :)
had street cafe as lunch. nom nom nom..
then, last picture before we back to coll. :P darius so funny!
was late to cad as what we had planned. :D but, nick is not there too. so who cares. :P


Thursday, October 21, 2010

language week closing ceremony. :)

its closing but not opening. i dont even realize when language week start. :D
photos before we start our tiring day.
amanda panda, sous-chef kaiwon wonwon and yyannniiee yyan. LOL!
:D yyan look so pity.
sous-chef kaiwon aka wonwon scolding. woo~ :D
foods that we prepare for the GM from hotels. two days hard work. hope we didnt get any complain. :)
after that, pastry class.. trial for our practical exam. OMG. damn rush, stress, scary.. everything in mess. ish. i need to practice more! :S products turn out ok.. but i couldnt finish on time. sighhh.
totally exhausted day. :S